Sarah Ferguson Reaches Out To Princess Diana In An Emotional Post

It’s truly remarkable to think that Princess Diana would have turned 63 if she were still with us today. Her memory lives on, and it’s clear that she is still in the hearts and minds of some members of the royal family.

Sarah, also known as Fergie, is part of this group. She recently posted a heartfelt message dedicated to Princess Diana, accompanied by a photo of them together at the Battle of Britain Anniversary Parade in 1990.

On the balcony of Buckingham Palace, they stand together, smiling as if they’re watching something fly by. She has also penned a very sweet message.

She exclaimed, “Wishing you a joyful birthday, Diana, my dear friend. You were a beacon of warmth and affection. Your legacy will always be cherished. I will forever treasure our laughter and the genuine, compassionate soul I discovered in you.

I know you’re always looking out for us. Sleep peacefully, my dear friend.

Diana and Sarah have been best friends since their teenage years. They first met as kids and their bond only grew stronger as they entered adulthood and started their own families.

Diana’s close friendship with Sarah allowed her to meet Prince Andrew, leading to their marriage in 1986. This made Diana and Sarah not just friends, but also sisters-in-law. Coincidentally, Diana and Prince Charles ended their marriage in the same year that Sarah and Andrew got divorced.

During the interview, Fergie mentioned, “I commented on Andrew’s good looks, and she responded with a playful ‘Duh, Fergs!'”

The pressure of being part of the royal family compounded the personal stress they were already facing. Sarah once acknowledged that they both struggled with mental health challenges and relied on each other for emotional support.

Sarah cherishes the memory of Diana’s advice: “She emphasized, ‘Fergie, always keep in mind that when you’re at the peak, it’s easy to stumble. But when you’re at the bottom, you can always rise up. We were portrayed as the good and the bad. The key was to stay strong together, and we did, despite what others said.”

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