Same Clothes, Different Physique: 10 Photos Show Us That Elegance Does Not Depend On The Waistline

Social networks have contributed to imposing models of beauty far removed from reality . We’re used to seeing images of sculpted physiques, imperfect, ever-glowing skin, and expensive clothes that look like they were created just for people with long bodies. Fashion is taking a step forward in this regard: many companies have chosen ordinary people with “normal” physique as the faces of their campaigns, and have chosen to highlight what, until recently, were considered imperfections. . We would like to introduce you to two friends, Denise Mercedes and Maria Castellanos , who have started a project together that has met with great success.

1.A beautiful red dress that suits both of them perfectly.

The project is called “the style, not the size”. Elegance depends on the confidence with which one wears one’s clothes, not on the size one wears.

2.Looking good in jeans and a T-shirt: it’s possible.

Denise and Maria launched this project on social media, and proved that the same clothes can go perfectly with two different physiques.

3.Style is not about clothes, but about how confidently they are worn.

4.These friends show us that you can be beautiful even in a tracksuit.

A slimmer body and a more shapely body: from simple jeans to more fitted clothes, the two women have managed to prove that every body is beautiful.

5.And that you don’t have to buy expensive clothes to look good.

The skill is to find clothes that can highlight her body.

6.From dress to sportswear.

The project has had great success on social networks, where women are followed by millions of people.

7.Here they are in a tight dress that highlights their shapes.

They also launched a hashtag, #stylenotsize, and millions of women of all sizes – inspired by the two women’s confidence – shared photos of outfits they had previously considered too risque, or not suitable for their physique.

8.And also with an almost princely dress.

Denise and Maria have succeeded in inspiring many women and motivating them to step out of their comfort zone and dare, and the result is to be applauded.

9.A simple outfit to wear every day.

10.And another more elegant one for a walk with friends.

What do you think of this project?

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