Sad Granny Asks For Help To Sell Her Dolls After Traveling Hundreds Of Kilometers

Currently we are seeing how many grandparents are in the streets looking for one way or another to be able to survive and contribute even with little to their homes, the situation is difficult for many but it is the grandparents who are most affected.

That is why this grandmother decided to go out into the streets and walk for several hours, until she reached the entrance of a church that is very visited by tourists in Puebla, Mexico .

Unfortunately, this granny had more than 60 “Braids”, it was already the end of the day and she still couldn’t sell any doll, until a local newscast saw her and decided to go over to talk to Doña Josefa. Who very kindly attended them with much affection and love.

“The beautiful energy that this lady transmitted was unique, that’s why we decided to do a little report about her and all the “Braids” that she, along with her daughters, make to sell during Holy Week.”

At that moment they were able to find out that Doña Josefa walks several kilometers to get to that place and that unfortunately the authorities always ask her to leave the area when they see her, since she is right in front of the church most visited by tourists.

To the great surprise of Doña Josefa and her daughters, when the report came to light, many people were surprised by the wonderful ingenuity they possess in creating typical local dolls with a unique style.

“I had only sold 1 doll, we were going to start collecting to go home again empty-handed and people began to arrive.”

Everyone came asking for Doña Josefa, hundreds of people came to meet her and buy a doll.

“In a matter of hours we had already sold all my “Braids” happiness could not fit in my chest, it was the first time in years that I came home without a doll. Everyone wanted to take one.”

Thanks to the space they gave her in the news, Doña Josefa’s life changed forever since many people began to donate money, clothing and food to improve the quality of life of the adorable grandmother a little.

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