Rottweiler Seeks Comfort With His Mother Because No One Wanted To Caress Him: “He Doesn’t Understand Why They Ignore Him.”

“He went to the park today and no one wanted to pet him. He doesn’t understand why people ignore him, ”said his owner, who knows that his puppy was only looking for people’s affection while he was in a park.

Currently, there are some breeds of dog that people consider “agr3s1vas and pe1gresas”. Thanks to hundreds of unfortunate stories and a lot of misinformation, people tend to stay away from them because they think that at any moment they can attack them. However, these beliefs are far from reality. All this is due to the prejudices of which these races are victims.

An example of this was the sad video of a rottweiler who ended up seeking comfort from his mother. This after people broke his little heart, because when he went to play in the park nobody wanted to caress him.

TikTok @nala_the_needy_rottie

“He went to the park today and no one wanted to pet him. He doesn’t understand why people ignore him, ”commented his owner on TikTok, where she indicated that, in reality, it was a loss for others and not for Axel, the puppy.

This video moved thousands of users of the platform, reaching 8 million views and 1.4 million likes. In addition to the fact that he also received thousands of comments of support or indicating how they would have acted when meeting such a cute little creature.

TikTok @nala_the_needy_rottie

“If they knew they were just babies wanting to play all day”, “If I saw it, I would get a big hug, it is so cute”, “People are afraid of them, but they are so sweet, mine are very friendly and “It is because he is big and beautiful, but he has his mommy who loves him. My four babies don’t understand either, but I give them all the love possible,” they mentioned.

Others highlighted the fact that Alex turns so tenderly to his mother in cases where he feels bad. “He has his mother, that’s all he needs” and “He knows that he has you”, some indicated.

@nala_the_needy_rottie THEIR LOSS ? #rottweiler #sensitivesouls ♬ Je te laisserai des mots – Patrick Watson

According to information provided by the National Kennel Club , this breed of dog is known to be natural guardians. This is why they can become agres1v0s with strangers or if they feel agred1d0s. However, if properly handled and trained, they make truly loving and loyal pets.

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