Rescued Cow Continues To Demand Hugs From Her Foster Father Every Day

A cow has conquered the heart of her adoptive father for her tender and sweet personality. Although there are many things that are said about these animals, few people know that they are very sociable beings. That they enjoy body contact and that due to their peaceful nature, they allow people to get close to them with ease. Of course, some are much more emotional and our protagonist is one of them, a cow that is overflowing with love and always looking for attention. A sweet cow always asks her father for hugs.

It is about a cow that they had rescued when she was only three days old, Ryan Phillips and his fiancée Mallory Sherman, took Jenna the cow in when she was just a calf . To the couple she was like a giant baby who barely fit in the back of her truck. Over time, the cow grew healthy and strong until it reached its current weight, about 450 kg . However, even though she is no longer a calf, Jenna still acts like a little animal that needs all the attention of her parents.

She loves to be petted and the center of attention, the cow is overflowing with love and her adoptive parents can only feed their tenderness by giving her all the attention she asks for. The cow constantly demands hugs, no matter the weather or what her father is doing to her, Jenna finds a way to get her daily dose of hugs from her. ” Luckily, she’s so cute that we’re happy to always give in to your demands of her,” Ryan said. This sweet cow, she was born together with a twin brother. Unfortunately, this resulted in her being born with a genetic abnormality known to science as Freemartin.

That is, a sterile cow conceived in a multiple gestation involving individuals of both sexes. In addition to sterile they do not produce milk, so the dairy industry got rid of Jenna. This is how she came into the lives of Ryan and Mallory, who from a moment felt that she was a very special cow and did not hesitate to rescue her from her. In this regard Ryan commented: « Jenna’s personality has always been as full and vibrant as it is today. Since I spent 24 hours a day with her, I think she thought she was another human and she has this attitude that whatever she wants to do, she can do with me .”

From the first day, this sweet cow reflected her tender personality, she is always looking for affection and all the attention of her parents . Not a day goes by that Jenna doesn’t get a hug. ” She’ll meet us at any window in the house and she’ll moo endlessly until we get out and give her a hug and scratch her or run around the yard ,” Ryan said. For Jenna there is nothing more important than receiving daily hugs from her, no matter how big she is and how old she is . She looks for a way to continue enjoying what makes her so happy.

« One of her favorite things from the beginning has been to put her head against my leg and push her while I wrap my arms around her neck and scratch her. That’s her cuddling way, sometimes she lasts 20 minutes when she needs to be this loving cow version, ” Ryan said. When Jenna isn’t looking for cuddles, she runs into her adoptive sister Maisie, another adopted cow . « She has tongues that are a bit like cats, but they are huge and much more forceful. It’s pretty tough, but you learn to love him because it’s his way of expressing that you’re part of the pack ,” Ryan added.

You can watch a video of Jenna the cow asking for her daily hug below:

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