Recruitment Of Two Lighthouse Keepers For A Small Island In San Francisco Bay

Each, during his life, wished to retire and live in absolute tranquility. Far from the cities, their noise, but above all their high pace. In the metropolis, we are constantly on the move, we try to go somewhere or reach a certain place. Often, the desire is to go live and work in an isolated place, whose watchwords are calm and peace. All of this could become reality.

An ad has been posted to work on this small island in San Francisco Bay . Let’s see what are the requirements to apply.

East Brother is a small island in San Francisco Bay near the tip of San Pablo in Richmond, California. A number of houses stand on this land, but the lighthouse stands out and dominates them all. The latter, however, remained without his guardians. For this reason, replacements are being sought.

The East Brother Light Station is looking for two people to become lightkeepers for two years , for an annual fee of $140,000 (€131,000). There are many requirements to apply, however, as the person hired must be able to manage the entire island and all the facilities there. First of all, applicants must not have children or pets, but most importantly they must not smoke. Also, it is essential that anyone applying has a valid captain’s license issued by the US Coast Guard.

The island also serves as a hotel; indeed, it welcomes many travelers, and renting a room costs 525 USD per night. It is precisely for this reason that it is necessary to know how to clean and to be able to cook quality meals. The tasks are numerous: preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner, cleaning the inn, arranging the rooms, welcoming guests and providing transport to the mainland.

Tiffany Danse and Tyler Waterson, the two former caretakers, say that although it is tiring work, it is very relaxing. “You can feel the space here. When you’re in the middle of the city, it feels cramped, but here in the middle of the sea, everything feels more spacious, which is ironic because you’re actually on a rock.”

Would you apply for this job?

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