Questionable Designs: 16 Times Designers Forgot Functionality

Every time architects and engineers have to present a project, they do multiple tests. They first draw an outline of the idea on paper, then as they think about it, they add details until they reach what could be the final form. Once this point is reached, the actual production begins. Once the product is created, it is tested to see if it is comfortable or if changes need to be made.

In some cases, however, it seems that those who created the design were only interested in aesthetics rather than practicality. Here are 16 times when those who created an object did not think about comfort.

1.Try drinking

image: mrpetruccio/Reddit

When designing the cap for this cafe, they thought about how to make it look good, but not so much how it might be functional. By placing the mouth over the hole and lifting the glass, the nose fits snugly into one of the drinker’s two eyes.


image: Foamslak2019/Reddit

When they built the plumbing and placed the pipes, they didn’t give it much thought, because if they had, they wouldn’t have put it in front of a switch.


image: Reddit

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to make a flat sink, as soon as you turn on the water it starts splashing all over the place. The problem will then arise for those who will have to clean it.


image: -avoidingwork-/Reddit

The decor of this establishment is undoubtedly very beautiful, but it creates a real optical illusion. It is difficult to understand where we are. There seem to be wires everywhere.


image: Reddit

The wording has very distinctive and eccentric characters, too bad it’s wrong… It should say “Summer” and not “Summor”.


image: Germantoast33/Reddit

When they made the design, they didn’t think about where the eyes would go. When you open the windows, your eyes are too far away.


image: snorbii/Reddit

Making transparent panels was perhaps not the best idea of ​​this engineer or urban architect. Anyone traveling on this road should stop and approach to read the signs.


image: Svargas05/Reddit

When they made this sink, they didn’t think much about the measurements. If we turn on the water, we can’t wash our hands, there’s no room.


image: Reddit

The only purpose was perhaps to make the viewer burst into laughter. Socks with crow’s feet drawn on them have no real function.


image: cheekymrs/Reddit

When they built this slide, they didn’t think anyone using it would hit the beam right in the middle.


image: martrocks/Reddit

It would have been nice if the person who made it hadn’t made a small spelling mistake. This wooden sign is supposed to indicate the current season. Too bad “Autumn” has to be “Fall” and not “Foll”.


image: EvTheSmev/Reddit

A shower in the middle of the hotel room is undoubtedly a design creation, but above all a flashy one. The question is how functional it can be.


image: TurtleButter33/Reddit

Is a chair decorated with pebbles comfortable? If someone sat on it after a few minutes, they would have to get up.


image: Reddit

When they made the column they thought it would be good to incorporate the balustrade as well, maybe they thought it would be more aesthetic or more functional.

15.Transparent door

image: shadow_prod/Reddit

A door with clear glass might not have been the best choice. Everyone can see what is going on inside the bathroom, maybe we should plan a moment of privacy in these cases.


image: Reddit

Marvel superhero fans will find this creation ingenious, but are we sure it’s practical to use?

Do you know of an invention where more attention was paid to design than to comfort and functionality?

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