Quarantine Makes People To Turn Their Dogs and Cats Into Dinosaurs

Most people are spending more time at home in 2020 than they have in any years because of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Many of us are working from home during the quarantine and parents have had to pivot to being a homeschooling parent while handling a full-time job. Many people have benefitted from spending more time with their families. We have gotten back to a simpler life. People who have animal companions have been spending more time with them too.

New DIY-ers have found creative ways to stay busy to cope with quarantine. There were many remarkable home improvement projects were done during this period such as photos of organized workrooms and craft rooms, and even cat houses made out of cardboard boxes. For some artsy folks had a perfect sense to start turning their cats and dogs into dinosaurs. According to some experts these domesticated cat has an ancestor that dates back 10-15 million years ago.

So, they have turn cats into dinosaurs.  But not just cats. Here is a poor dog in the colorful drawing below.

These guys are from the genus Tabbysaurus Rex.

We can get a little more enthusiasm here.

Here is a big belly dinosaur.

They couldn’t have made him a predator.

“RAW” means “I love you very meowch in Catasaurus. And yes, we’re saying that to a dog

This is a Canklesaurus Rex

Hello. What are you doing there, eh?

Just sticking my head in this hole to see what’s going on here? Ohhhhhhhhh!

Welcome to Purrassic Park.

This is Catzilla. It’s her world. We just live in it.

This guy looks like he was forced into this charade.

Angry Kitty!

Did someone say TREAT?

My arms are so tiny.

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