Puppy Did Not Want To Leave His Best Friend At The Shelter: They Adopted Them Both

Dogs are man’s best friends, it’s something everyone knows. These wonderful beings become life companions, travel companions, adventure companions, sadness companions, and they undoubtedly end up being an important part of our lives.

However, and for almost always, the quality of life of these little animals has not always been the best, since many have to live on the street, in shelters or those who are lucky enough to have a home since they were little.

Puppies that have to go through these kinds of places are waiting to be adopted at some point, like the story of a beautiful dog who, when she was about to leave and have a better life, couldn’t do it alone.

Through social networks, the touching of this dog was revealed that when she said goodbye to her best friend she did not have the heart to leave him behind, so the family that would take care of her had to take them both in place of one

Kevin U ( @Kalma47 ) on Twitter recounted the story of the couple who couldn’t say no and in the end they expanded their dog family without budgeting for it.

“I had adopted her, but she refused to go with me. It was weird because the dogs can’t wait to get out of the kennel. She was crying and hitting her paws. She should have dragged her. But when I looked down, I understood the reason and I had to make a CHOICE ”, she recounted in networks.

When the dog had to get out of her cage, they discovered that there was a scared Chihuahua near her and that the two were one and the same, so without thinking for a long time, they did not want to separate them.

“They also did the documents for the Chihuahua and the 4 of them left through the door of the shelter. They were taken in the car, before leaving. I would like to wish these two dogs a life full of love. But above all, a lot of happiness also for these two wonderful people ”, reads on social networks.

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