Psychology Explains Why Blunt People Make The Best Friends

According to Crystal Woods, “Ten minutes with a genuine friend is better than years spent with anyone less.”

There are people who just utter things like it are, brutally honest with us and give more love to make our day. Blunt in the dictionary means “uncompromisingly forthright.” We all have met someone like that. As for the sociology, blunt people always make the best kinds of friends. There are some special reasons that blunt people make best friends rather than less forthright.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Blunt People Make The Best Friends

1.     They tell it like it is

Here, they are going to be honest with you, whether you listen to it or not. According to William B. Bradshaw, Ph.D. Blunt friends believe in telling it as it is so people can deal with the very root of the situation.

But they won’t be cruel at you. If someone is honest, brutal and with tough love that is telling someone exactly what they need to hear, even though it is not what they want to hear. A blunt friend will never lie to you or try to spare your heart. You know exactly what you’re getting as there will be less uncertainty in the friendship. The blunt friend always is truthful to you.

2.     You’ll always know they want to be your friend

Blunt people don’t need a reason to pretend to be friends with those that they don’t like. They also don’t need any reason to lie about how they feel. They will directly tell you if they like you or not. If a blunt person has decided that they like you, don’t doubt about the way the feel. They like to be with you as a best friend and they’ll love to build a strong bond with you.

3.     They push you to be better

Most people don’t like to see you getting improved when it comes to their shortcomings. They don’t prefer to cause a rift in the friendship or to hurt the other person’s feelings. A blunt person will exactly tell you when you need to improve to be better yourself and you’ll find that they mean it.

When you surround yourself with friends like this, your life will completely change.  You become more positive, driven, and focused on your priorities,said lifestyle and business expert Chalene Johnson. Blunt people are the perfect people to go to when you’re looking for some honest feedback and criticism.

4.     They’re not afraid to apologize

That is difficult for some people to admit when they’re wrong. But, a blunt person will admit their wrong very easily. They don’t have any problem telling other people if they’re wrong. So, they definitely don’t have any problem in admitting it. If you have a blunt friend you’ll not have any arguments that happen in other relationships. A blunt person is willing to admit their wrong and apologize for it.

5.     They won’t let you get harmed

A blunt person will never put any kind of wrongdoings against themselves or their friends. A blunt person will be the first one in your side when you need as they’re not afraid to say what they mean and mean what they say. They’ll always be with you especially when you are in a hard situation. If other people start to talk behind your back, the blunt friend is the first person to go against them. Blunt people make best friends as they are not afraid of anybody to fight for their loved ones.

Final Thoughts

Human beings are always benefiting from various social interactions. We have to have different types of energy and feelings to deal with social lives. We need the person who is going to be kind and compassionate to us, also we need the person who is going to be blunt and brutally honest with us. This is the reason why sociologists agree that blunt people always make the best kinds of friends. We would like if someone will be in our side, unconditionally. We also need people who will challenge us and make us be the best part of us. If there’s a blunt friend with us, he’ll fill that role.

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