These 16 Pics Of Lone Protesters Show That No Voice Is Too Small

Solidarity is not only helpful, it’s revolutionary in the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement and George Floyd protests. Everyone doesn’t have the chance to join the peaceful crowds and air their views out loud along with hundreds of supporters. But, it doesn’t take much to speak up.

Here are some lone people from all around the country. These people are setting an example of how to stand up in communities, suburbs, and small towns even without anyone to back them up. A woman is doing her own march as no one wanted to join her to a lone protester holding up a BLM sign in the heart of a small southern city. There are also some other people who is doing the same. They prove no voice is ever too small, and it’s never too late to speak up for what’s right.

#1 My Mom Did Her Own March

#2 The Karens Doing Their Part To Stop The Violence!

#3 A Lone Protester In The Heart Of A Small Southern City. Thank You.

It’s good if you know the rights before going to a protest to avoid any possible misunderstanding. Even though the government can restrict the time, place, and manner of the protest, they can’t stop you from peacefully protesting. The content itself can never be a reason to block the protest.

Remember that on private property, though, nobody has a right to assemble. Police can move you off the property and keep you from demonstrating there.

#4 Let Us All Hope We Don’t Need To Have A Sign Like This When We Are His Age

#5 Ocean Shores, Washington, In The Middle Of The Small Town Traffic Circle. No Voice Is Too Small.

#6 This Man Has Been Standing Alone In Our Town Square For The Past Few Days, Gods Bless His Courage

A staff attorney with the ACLU’s Speech, Technology and Privacy Project, who studies free speech protections under the First Amendment, Emerson Sykes suggests packing light if you’re going to a protest. Take water and a snack at minimum. Your bag will be searched, if you bring a bag.

We have to remind that we’re still in times of pandemic, so “wearing a mask can keep you from breathing in droplets containing coronavirus.” When you come closer with other protesters, you could expose you to their spit or sneezes, which may carry the coronavirus.

#7 Written On The Front Of A Family Owned Minneapolis Business By The Current Owner’s Daughter:

#8 We Had One Guy In Our Town Start A Protest Alone

  • #blacklivesmatter Lone Protester In Lacey – Marvin Road – #blm – What A Powerful Lone Protester Today! It’s Good To See This Out In The Rural Community Too.

#9 This Dude Ran All The Way Ahead And Stood Alone

You can free to take photos and videos at the protest, as long as it’s a public space. A staff attorney with the ACLU’s Speech, Technology and Privacy Project, who studies free speech protections under the First Amendment, Emerson Sykes, told Mercury News that you have the right to take photos and videos of what’s happening at a protest in a public place. You can record the police, too.

Another good tip from Sykes is to “memorize or write on your arm the number to a local or national law organization that could assist you in getting out of jail,” as you never know if you’re going to need legal help if you get arrested.

#10 Outside Of The Norfolk Va Pd Today.

#11 Sole Protester In Town Of Palm Beach

#12 One Man Protest

#13 It’s Not Much Of A Protest, But It’s The Best I Can Do Right Now. Sitting Outside Past “Curfew”

#14 Was Driving Through Enterprise Alabama Yesterday And Spotted This Lone Protester At The City Hall.

#15 My Husband Protesting Alone

#16 Sole Protester

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