Poodle Cats Are Some Of The Cutest Cat Breeds Out There

Some of the most adorable pets out there are kitties and for sure we all love them. But this one will surely steal your heart!

These little ‘poodle-cats’ will be the cutest thing you. They look like a ‘cat in sheep’s clothing’ with the curly-haired little fluff-balls.  According to the University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna after the Selkirk Mountains of Wyoming, they are known as ‘Selkirk Rex’. They are now becoming more and more popular as pets.

The first Selkirk Rex was born to a feral cat in Montana in 1987. Jeri Newman, a Persian cat breeder discovered the cat was in a shelter was. Newman then bred the cat with a Black Persian called ‘Photofinish’ and there emerged six kittens, 3 of which had the curly poodle hair after falling in love with the very unique cat, named ‘Miss DePesto’ after the curly-haired secretary from the TV show ‘Moonlighting’.

You can never be sure that when breeding a Selkirk Rex whether the kittens will emerge curly or not, it depends on whether or not the gene is recessive or dominant due to the way the genetics of the cat work. The kittens don’t fluff up for a few weeks when they are born. It wonders whether they will be poodle-like even shortly after being born is to look for their little curly whiskers.

According to the Governing Council of the Cat Fancy, Selkirks make wonderful pets. Their breed is strong and healthy, and these cats are lovely, patient, and tolerant. If you decide to get a Selkirk Rex you should speak you need a correct shampoo and brush as sometimes they need a little extra-help cleaning. These short or long-haired cats shed fur frequently and will therefore not be suitable for even those with mild allergies.

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