Police Rescue Two Puppies Trapped On The Side Of The Road, They Trembled With Fear

He didn’t mind stopping traffic to make sure the dogs were safe.

In many cities around the world there is a serious problem with stray dogs. Unfortunately, many of these cute animals end up living on the streets, searching for food and trying to survive the countless dangers. One of them is transit. Not all dogs know how to cross major avenues and terrible accidents occur, both for animals and for humans.

Aware of this problem, a police officer who was passing through a busy highway in Monterrey, Mexico decided to help a couple of puppies. When he was passing through the place, he caught sight of two terrified medium-sized dogs on the side of the street. The little animals were at great risk of being run over and the policeman did not think twice about stopping and helping them.

The dogs trembled with fear, they looked terrified at the cars that were driving at high speed. This pair knew that they were in danger of staying in that place; however, they could not get out so easily and without suffering some injury.

The policeman, who until now remains anonymous; he immediately wanted to do something about it. He stopped the patrol car, of course, notifying the rest of the motorists of his action; then, he got out of the truck and went to look for the puppies. In the video that went viral, we can see that a truck was behind the police.

In a small space next to the retaining wall were the two puppies, which when they saw the policeman calmed down a bit. The animals went to meet the man, who called them friendly. The dogs approached, still afraid, greeted him and then followed him. Apparently, they knew that this human was there to help them, so they calmed down and followed him.

When the policeman gained the trust of the dogs, he hugged them and put them in the back of the truck. Once they were safe, the policeman also got into the car and started to continue on his way. But now, with two more beautiful companions.

It was not disclosed if the police officer would adopt the puppies or make them part of the police force. However, there is no doubt that the dogs will have a better life after this impromptu rescue.

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