Police Dog Receives An Ice Cream Treat After Each Day Of Work

Dogs are human beings’ best friends, but they also become exemplary professionals. Because they have very special skills for certain jobs. When it comes to occupations like rescues or serving as a police officer, there are dogs that stand out for their unique abilities that a human could not match. That is why it is common to see breeds like German Shepherds . They are also trained by the security forces to fight crime .

One of these cases is that of Cerberus, an official United States puppy who goes out on patrol with his human companion, and just like people, after a long day of work he just wants to rest a little . In fact, this police pup has a very particular taste for what he loves to do after a hard day on patrol. As can be seen in a video shared by the TikTok social network account dedicated to this puppy, K9 Cerberus . The German Shepherd loves to go for a special ice cream for dogs after work .

In the video you can see how Cerberus enters the Mapple Donuts establishment, very anxious and determined, accompanied by his police officer . The ice cream vendor already knows them, so while she prepares the special treat, the dog puts his paws on the counter while he waits . ” Cerberus’s treat on duty ,” Wrote his caretaker in the post. It didn’t take long for it to go viral on the internet and already has 1,700,000 ‘likes’, more than 33,000 comments and 10,500,000 views on this social network.

At the end of the video of the puppy, you can see how Cerberus ends up devouring the creamy ice cream as if there were no tomorrow, while his care holds the glass so that the puppy is much more comfortable . Days of hard work are well rewarded and Cerberus knows that very well. Because he gives everything every day to later receive his prize.

Below you can see the video where Cerberus is seen running towards his prize after each work shift:

@k9cerberus Cerberus' shift treat #k9Cerberus #HellamHound #k9handler #MapleDonuts ♬ Meet Me At Our Spot – THE ANXIETY & WILLOW & Tyler Cole

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