Playful Dog Gets Excited When He Sees His Friend On The Street And Runs To Her As Soon As He Sees Her

It is understandable that many people prefer dogs over other pets. Due to his friendly and fun personality. They are well known for getting along with humans, as long as they treat them well. And also with the other dogs to the point of creating a valuable friendship. An example of this is Polo with his great dog friend, with whom he meets to play and have fun . The two get emotional every time they see each other and it is very difficult for them to hide it .

The moment of meeting has been recorded by the owner of Polo, Mirii Di Gaeta, and uploaded it to the TikTok social network. The video begins showing Polo’s friend walking down the street calmly, while he watches her inside the apartment where she lives and proceeds to go down the stairs . In less than a minute, Polo was already in the street to sniff her and see her. At the same time that she stood on her hind legs to ‘hug’ him and that’s when the two begin to play and push each other . Polo’s owner assured in the video description that they do this every time they get together. The two get so excited to see each other that they don’t notice the presence of the people around them .

Even a young man tried to caress them, but they couldn’t even feel it. They blocked the way as they jumped and spun all over the sidewalk . The scene is very similar to the fights, especially when Polo threw his friend from him. But she was soon on her feet to ‘attack’ him back . The video has had more than a million views and has been widely commented on by users of the social network . « May the owners marry and all live happily ever after. If they are already married, let the 4 be happy », joked one person in the publication. While others commented that it was the ” true love story ” and that ” they know each other from another life». The only sure thing is that the two love each other very much and enjoy every second together.

Below you can see the video where these two puppies are playing and very excited to be together:

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