Pitbull Does Not Want To Wake Up His Cat Companion And Tries Not To Make Noise

The animals are amazing. Every time a video about an animal goes viral on the net, it makes us astonished by how they are, how they behave or how their attitude is. The truth is that sometimes we should learn a little more from them because on very few occasions an animal shows a cruel or evil attitude.

One of the animals that people like the most are dogs. Dogs are animals that are very loyal to their companions and faithful to them, but they are also the protagonists of many funny, tender and funny videos because they know how to make their owners melt with them, and those who are not their owners also melt .

On this occasion we present our canine protagonist, a pitbull. In fact, this dog is so considerate of those around him that if we were all the same as him in the morning, the mornings would be so much better because this pitbull is the most respectful animal we’ve ever seen and the way he has Going through the hallway of the house trying to keep the sleeping cat from waking up is epic!

As you can see below, the dog walks very carefully and also keeps his legs high enough for a while to be sure that he hasn’t made too much noise when walking.

But the thing does not end there, as well as being so careful when walking, he also keeps an eye on the place where the cat is sleeping to make sure that it has not woken up because of him.

Of course, the kitten must be very happy to have such a respectful companion at home since it must sleep very peacefully without any kind of noise, it is even possible that the cat thinks something like “So yes, one can sleep in peace and at ease” .

Perhaps the most curious thing is that despite the fact that the owner of both is insistently calling the dog to go to her side, the Pitbull does not go in a hurry to her owner’s side, but out of respect for her cat she does everything possible so as not to make noise and for it to wake up.


This puppy has some good manners! What’s more, he would be a perfect roommate and anyone would want to have him as such. But without further ado we leave you with the video so that you can see how the dog walks that it even seems that it is difficult to walk so carefully. How funny!

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