Pierce The Egg With A Pin: Here Is The Trick To Peel It In One Go

On the net, you can find different tricks about eggs, such as how to peel it quickly, how to cook it perfectly or how to find an egg from a free-range hen. But this trick has no equal . We saw it on the blog of a Japanese restaurant in New York, Windy Sukiyaki , and after discovering it, you will change the way you cook eggs. Here are all the steps.

1.Eggs should be at room temperature.

2.Put the water to boil, and get a spit.

3.Carefully make a hole in the base of the egg.

4.Don’t worry, the egg is not broken!

5.Put salt in the boiling water and immerse the eggs with holes

6.Lower the flame to a minimum and cook: 6 or 7 minutes for the boiled eggs, 8 to 10 minutes to cook them completely.

7.Once cooked, run under cold water to cool them completely.

8.Try to remove the shell, it will be super easy!

source used: windyssukiyaki.com

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