On the net, you can find different tricks about eggs, such as how to peel it quickly, how to cook it perfectly or how to find an egg from a free-range hen. But this trick has no equal . We saw it on the blog of a Japanese restaurant in New York, Windy Sukiyaki , and after discovering it, you will change the way you cook eggs. Here are all the steps.

1.Eggs should be at room temperature.

2.Put the water to boil, and get a spit.

3.Carefully make a hole in the base of the egg.

4.Don’t worry, the egg is not broken!

5.Put salt in the boiling water and immerse the eggs with holes

6.Lower the flame to a minimum and cook: 6 or 7 minutes for the boiled eggs, 8 to 10 minutes to cook them completely.

7.Once cooked, run under cold water to cool them completely.

8.Try to remove the shell, it will be super easy!

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