Pierce Brosnan Does Not Need Great Luxuries To Enjoy His Life As A Grandfather

Pierce Brosnan became well known for being one of the interpreters of the James Bond character, making his way into the world of Hollywood , reaping one success after another. But without a doubt his greatest achievement to date has been to enjoy and build a beautiful family.

Currently the star lives a completely quiet life, away from the public eye and unnecessary gossip, Pierce claims to be enjoying being the grandfather of five beautiful and healthy grandchildren and living a life full of peace in Hawaii .

The actor never tires of emphasizing that the success of his family is due to the love that his beloved wife gives to everyone every day, whom he met in 1994 at a party in Cabo San Lucas . According to him, from the moment he met Keely Shaye Smit he couldn’t stop thinking about her and missing her every second.

“Back then I had to travel a lot for work wherever I was in the world, I missed her, I couldn’t be away from her for so long, so I sent her the tickets so she could visit me and spend time together” .

However, their relationship has not been without controversy, even though they both try to stay out of everything, bad comments have reached them from time to time, since many criticize the physical appearance of his wife due to to his overweight. According to opinologists, Brosnan should be with another woman who represents him much more, but he only has eyes for her. So much so that he has come out to defend her on many occasions.

«She is perfect for me, the comments of third parties have always cared for me and this time will not be the exception».

The couple got married in 2001 in Ireland, in a very intimate ceremony among some friends and family. Pierce and Keely have two children together named Dylan and Paris. In addition to them, the actor has three other children from his first marriage to Cassandra Harris, who tragically passed away after a battle with cancer in 1991. He also adopted Harris’ children, Charlotte and Christopher, with his husband. before him. They have quite a large family.

The actor became a grandfather through his two eldest children, Charlotte and Sean. The star welcomed his first granddaughter 20 years ago, and he’s been doing his best to be a great grandpa ever since. It is no secret that the actor loves his role and has confessed that his grandchildren “melt” his heart.

“It’s an indescribable joy, the experience of being a grandfather has definitely changed my life, there’s something intoxicating and beautiful about it, it’s something special.”

As you can see, family is key to Pierce Brosnan. Beyond fame, the actor prefers a quiet life and that his family is fine.

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