Photovoltaic Panels On The Balcony: This Company’s Solution To Achieving Economic Independence

Energy self-sufficiency has been a sought-after goal for decades. Scientific research in this field is making a lot of progress and is trying by all means to allow individuals to produce their own energy. A key role was played by photovoltaic panels. However, not everyone has enough space to install them. Usually these are placed in the garden or on the roofs, but how can those who do not have these possibilities do so?

It is precisely for this reason that a German company has chosen to come to the aid of all those who have little space, and has thus created photovoltaic balcony panels . Let’s see how they work.

The company behind this innovation is the German start-up We Do Solar . Photovoltaic panels are systems that capture the sun’s rays and convert them into electricity. However, balcony systems are much smaller and more convenient than conventional systems and connect directly to the home network via an electrical outlet.

We Do Solar has developed a panel kit consisting of flexible modules with a total weight of 1.6 kg, which people can install themselves on their balcony (always ask your town hall before installing them).

Unfortunately, these balcony installations are too small to be able to cover all the energy needs of the house, but despite this, they can bring many advantages.

However, these panels, despite their small size, can go a long way in reducing electricity consumption, pushing users more and more towards energy self -sufficiency . The bills will be much cheaper that way. In fact, it has been calculated that the savings made are of the order of 25%.

This invention not only helps reduce costs, but it also provides the perfect opportunity for many to generate their own electricity . In addition, their weight also makes it possible to install them yourself without asking for help and without having to call in experts.

Do you think that at this rate, new ways to be self-sufficient in energy will be found?

Source used:

 Pv Magazine

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