Here Are 24 Photos Of Life Cycles Of Different Living Things

Here’s a little proof for you, if you don’t quite agree on the second part of Ella 76 line. Nothing screams “sunshine” as much as berries and people are going crazy about the beauty of their life cycles.

A Twitter user named Alfie shared a picture of blackberries in their different stages of life which was all arranged in a circle. The caption said: “Blackberries have cool stages of life, no?” There were about a whopping 1.1M who hit like. Then people started posting their own berry, fruit, leaf, and flower assemblages.

Berry evolution pictures are now reminding us that the beauty of nature can fit in the palm of your hand visually satisfying and emotionally refreshing.

Life Cycle Of Cotton


Life Cycle Of Tree Leaf

We just think of berries as a small, squishy type of fruit that can be picked off plants. But in truth, the scientific classification is far more complicated than that.

According to Judy Jernstedt, who’s a professor of plant sciences at the University of California, Berry nomenclature is so confusing “because people called certain fruits ‘berries’ thousands of years before scientists came up with a precise definition for the word.”

In order to be a berry, it must bear two or more seeds. Jernstedt explained “Thus, a cherry, which has just one seed, doesn’t make the berry cut. They’re called drupes.”

Life Cycle Of A Blackberry

Since We’re Into Strawberry Cycles, I Sent The Post To My Dad (A Berry Farmer) And He Sent Me This:

My Girlfriend Happened To Catch All 3 Stages In A Ladybugs Life Cycle On A Single Leaf!

When it feels like berries can’t be more confusing, it turns out. According to Linda Ly, a botanist and blogger at Garden Betty, here’s another bizarre botanical fact, a banana is a berry.

“During the flowering stage, an inflorescence, a banana heart, appears on the end of the stem. It is usually a long, tapered, tightly wrapped, deep purple bud.” As the buds open, “they reveal double rows of nectar-rich blossoms that make bees and hummingbirds go wild over them.”

Linda also said that “Because the fruit is produced from a single ovary on the flower, a banana is actually classified as a berry, botanically speaking.”

My Dad Sent Over The Blueberry Cycle!

Life Cycle Of A Bleeding Heart

Lemon Lifecycle

Cacao Life Cycle

Strawberry Life Cycle


Oysters At Different Stages Of Growth


These Tiny Wild Strawberries, One Of Two Species Native To Atlantic Canada, Are Easy To Miss, Hiding Close To The Ground Under Their Much Larger Leaves


Life Cycle Of My Raspberries

Life Cycle

Life Is A Cycle , The End Of One Journey Is The Beginning Of Next “Chill’s Cycle”

Salmonberry Life Cycle

Coffee Beans

Life Cycle Of Jamun (Malabar Plum)


That Beautiful Life Cycle

In The Style Of The Strawberry Pics A Few Days Ago, Here’s Our Aubergine Plants Ordered By Their Growth Stage

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