Photographic Coincidences: 20 Curious Images Taken At The Right Time

Photos taken at the right time is one of the most beautiful things chance can offer. Seizing the right moment to press the button is not at all a simple thing but it is precisely the absence of intentionality that makes all their charm!

It all depends on the good old adage “ to be in the right place at the right time” : here is a series of really cool photos!

Can you imagine the confusion they create?

image: seriv


image: beatmag

Moustached cat…

image: ilovefunnyanimal

His look does not promise anything good!

image: magiophoto

The camera immortalized a flight!


Here are those horns!…


Strong, the guy!

image: pinterest

“it’s good, I surrender!”

image: discoverart


image: pinterest

In the heat of the action!

image: badlike

It’s time to celebrate!

image: zagopod

Transformation a 3… 2… 1…

image: ears

A little gym…


A problematic takeoff!

image: the gioidulich

Fashion show…

image: vev

A discreet offence…

image: ralphiesportal

Alone or in company?

image: Clayton Harper

Little prayer for the road!

image: fototelegraph

Funny way to socialize…

image: siwanowicz

Romantics! <3

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