Peter Pan Is The First Disney Film To Include An Actor With Down’s In The Starring Roles.

Noah Matthews Matofsy has been praised for his incredible performance in Peter Pan & Wendy and has shown that inclusion within the cinema is something totally possible: “It was an incredible experience. I had a lot of lines to learn very quickly, but it was exciting and I really enjoyed it.”

Disney has begun to diversify leading roles within its films, especially in this era of Live-action that it is creating. Although his casting choices have raised various criticisms and questions among his most conservative fans, we cannot deny that his choice for Pëter Pan & Wendy has only generated smiles. Especially if we talk about Noah Matthews Matofsky, who at 15 years old has become the first actor with Down syndrome to get a star in a Disney movie.


This British teenager will play Slightly, the leader of the Lost Boys in this new remake for Disney+. His performance has been highly praised and he proved that inclusivity within cinema is becoming a reality.

This is not only a truly significant achievement for Noah and his family, but also for the entire Down syndrome community and entertainment business. Although inclusion is a topic that has been gaining strength, Noah’s participation in one of the largest companies in entertainment is proof that everyone will have their chance to shine.


“It was an amazing experience, I had my own trailer and I made a lot of great friends. We all learned sword fighting, which I loved. I had a lot of lines to learn very quickly, but it was exciting and I really enjoyed it,” he told The Sun.

Noah assures that the merit of this achievement is not his alone. He also credits Jude Law, the actor who plays Captain Hook, with giving him one of the best days on set. Apparently the man surprised all the children by renting an ice cream truck and serving them all himself.

Inclusion within the film industry is not just about giving important roles to minorities, but about creating a healthy and joyful environment for all. It is expected that there will be less and less prejudice and more actors with different abilities will have the opportunity to demonstrate their talent on the big screen.


Peter Pan & Wendy is expected to premiere during Disney’s 100th anniversary and stream April 28 on Disney+.

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