10 Photos Which Couldn’t Be More Perfectly Timed

In a blink of an eye, moments come and go. A photo which a photographer brought a moment before it vanishes forever is a perfectly timed photograph. A perfect photographer is present in the right place at the right time.

A photographer can capture things which normal people generally miss with the right amount of luck and presence of mind. They also are alert with everything around them. The results may be pleasing to some and demeaning to others. But the moment becomes a moment which is immortalized.

The following images are perfectly immortalized by photographers who had been right there and ready.

In the middle of the prey

The masters of catching fish mid-air and gulping them down in a matter of seconds are water birds, especially Pelicans. This photographer has captured the Pelican’s beauty in the middle of a prey with the help of the sun’s position.

Save your hat mister

Women love wearing wind-blown dresses. This photographer caught the Father deriving pleasure from this wind-blown dress, while he smartly saved his hat from leaving his head.

Baby’s thug life

You don’t have to grow up to have swag. This is a great picture which a baby had it all even when it was drinking milk out of the bottle.

Humans can fly

The photographer has caught this man the moment hung mid-air for a moment to drive the spear through that fish. The artist succinctly portrayed the two worlds – one above and the other below.

The weirdest blocking ever

In a basketball game you need to block your opponents. But, here he is putting a finger into the other person’s nose.

Love went wrong

It is nice to have a frog sit on your palm, but how would you feel if it jump right at your face? It shows that the story of the frog prince was just fictional.

Right before the splash

The events that occurred behind the posing man turned him into a secondary point of interest. He’d also remember it forever for sure.

Top class composition

It’s not about how perfect the moment was, but rather how perfectly the picture was composed. The photographer has chosen the perfect angle and brought a whole new dimension to the picture.

Mischief turned into a memory

The photographer has made their day unforgettable.

Not always beautiful

This photo says that perfect moments are not always beautiful; they can be even ugly like this one.

While some moments are good, some moments are bad, but always the photographers are smarter than others.

via – trulymind.org

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