Perfect Timing, 16 Shots That Capture The Right Moment To Take Exceptional Photos.

There are many people who are passionate about photography, always walking around with their camera to capture the moments of life. Their goal, however, is always and only one: to capture the perfect moment. This goal is very difficult to achieve, because this is where the timing comes in, it only takes a second and the image that could have been beautiful is no longer, it just becomes a representation of something. ‘ordinary.

Here are 16 images where the photographer, thanks to perfect timing, managed to capture the right moment.

1. Pour drink

Maybe that waiter didn’t take the right steps when pouring the drink. The image just captures the trickle of water suspended in the air before it falls on the customer, wetting their entire pants.

2. Cat on the wall

This photo is truly enigmatic and breathtaking. We don’t know if the cat will manage to cling to the wall or if it will have to jump to avoid falling.

3. Canoe

Will the canoe overturn or not? This poor little dog can be seen sliding into the water as his master struggles to keep the boat upright, to prevent it from capsizing and getting them both wet.

4. Laser beam

It looks like this lady got up to hit the object inside the screen with the laser beam.

5. Volleyball

This guy, instead of a head, has a ball. Maybe while they were playing volleyball, someone threw the ball across the court, and it met this passerby’s face. The perfect moment was captured where the two overlapped.

6. Marriage proposal

He knelt down and took out the small box containing the ring to offer it. A very romantic moment, so much so that the little hippopotamus didn’t want to miss a single second of it.

7. Monkey

The perfect moment was captured when the little monkey climbed over the railing to pick up the tourist’s glasses. Maybe he really liked them.

8. Ceiling

He was celebrating his wedding and his friends saw fit to throw him in the air, and it looks like he ended up on the top floor. What happened to his head?

9. Dragonfly

This dragonfly has stopped above the water snake’s nose. The perfect moment was immortalized, a moment later it would not have been possible to capture this meeting.

10. Clouds

The sky is perfectly divided in two. On one side there seems to be a storm, on the other side the sun, too bad it’s a flash…


She failed to block the baseball, it escaped him. Whoever took the photo captured the exact moment the bullet hit his face.

12. Ball Pool

He was taking a photo of replica dinosaurs, when in the background a boy thought fit to dive headlong into the pool of balls, sending them flying in all directions.

13. Airplanes

This bird seems to have hidden among the planes, but the funniest thing is the smoke that follows it perfectly.

14. Dolphins

He was calmly surfing when he realized there was a dolphin in front of him, who knows what he must have been thinking.

15. Orc

She also wanted to be in the picture, who knows if the women noticed who was participating behind them.

16. Wedding Dress

He was walking hand in hand with his partner when the jet of water overlapped his figure, so much that he appeared to be wearing a wedding dress.

Have you ever had photos that capture moments you hadn’t anticipated, but show excellent timing?

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