People Will Inspired To Love Themselves With This Artist’s Animal Comics

You only need someone to simply hear you out when you’re feeling down. You should never feel discouraged to ask your loved ones for help even though it can be little bit hard.

Jangandfox Studio created a list of adorable animal illustrations that will help you to inspire self-love and self-care to help raise mental health awareness. The creator of the comics says, “Self-care and self-love shouldn’t be something we constantly feel guilty about. I first created the comics of the little fox and furry friends on Instagram to remind and encourage myself. Little did I expect that more and more people found them uplifting and resonating.”

Here are the adorable animal comics!

#1 Listening Is Precious (In Collaboration With Association For Suicide Prevention)

#2 Be Patient On Yourself

#3 Be Kind

#4 Sit With Someone

#5 Try Some Love

#6 You Are Magic

#7 Find Your Own Perfect Moment

#8 Just One More

#9 You Are Your Own Kind Of Beautiful

#10 Some Beauty Can’t Be Seen

#11 You Can Be Sweet Too!

#12 Love Looks Good On You

#13 Treat Yourself As You Would For Someone

#14 Goodbye Means See You Again

#15 Giving Is Loving

#16 It’s Okay To Shed A Past

#17 And Don’t Forget The Little Things

#18 You Are Trusted

#19 It’s Okay To Feel Otherwise

#20 Be Kind To Yourself Too

#21 You’re Huggable

#22 Keep Happy Things

#23 Make Yourself Count

#24 Stock Up On Compassion

#25 You Matter

#26 Give And Receive Love

#27 Don’t Forget To Breathe

#28 You’re Extraordinary In Your Way

#29 Dream Big

#30 Carry The Light

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