Even there are lots of technological advancements around us, life is extremely difficult.

But, there are some stunning people who live in a century ahead, look at the following pictures.

Extremely Crazy

What this policeman wears is definitely does not belong to our era. It’s something extremely crazy, unique, and different.


During Monsoons!

Here is a genius way to save you from rain. This is a new way that is not available in many countries and how kids will look in the future during monsoons.

Personal Hero

Here is a 3018 kid on a longboard using a leaf blower to go fast.

Super Future

This one will surely happen in the future. He’s arranged the camera and is doing something that we cannot do.


He is also living in 3018 and here is what the feels are going to be.


This is over 10 centuries when there are tactical dog helmets are available.

Future of News

This will be how reporting will look like in the future.

Future Dog!

When I Asked My Mom If She Could Bring My Charger Downstairs, She Replied “Shout The Dog”. She’s Definitely From The Future.

Dad From The Future

You would try to do this after seeing this. You know how amazing this if you have a dog.

Live Like This!

Living like this definitely does not belong to our time.


In the future, you’ll have bottles protecting your hands instead of gloves.

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