20 Parents Who Deserve An Award For Their Parenting Tricks.

Parenting is like a roller coaster. And sometimes the unexpected nature of your child’s questions or requests can catch you off guard. But the truth is, we’d move mountains to get what’s best for our kids, even if that means a dad getting a sleeve of temporary tattoos (which he has to wear all day) or his daughter painting a boy’s nails pink. Tough man..

In the following list you will find 20 people who really should have the award for the dad or mom of the year, and we do not say it to say it, keep sliding to check it out!

1. The best way to accommodate your children’s construction pieces.

2. Dress all your children the same when they go to the zoo or the park to identify them from the crowd.

3. Use the nipple of a bottle to give medicine to babies.

4. If you need to entertain a child, put him to separate colored things in a mold.

5. If you need to keep your baby entertained, here is a whole new world for him: the dryer.

6. Keep your baby safe with a shirt.

7. If you don’t have stroller tracks, this idea is for you.

8. If you have to give them medicine, write the planned dosages on the bottle before you start, and mark them as you give them.

9. “My son spent more than half a flight entertained by these window stickers. They are not expensive and do not take up much space.

10. “We tell him not to run in parking lots, but he doesn’t always listen. I bought this car magnet and it works miracles. He loves putting his hand there while he waits for me.”

11. The best way to tell your twins apart.

12. Use yogurt and food coloring to make food paint for your baby.

13. The best trick you can do is: if you are eating French fries and your baby asks you, cut an apple in the same way and voila healthy snack.

14. Two shower caps can make a dirt-free shield for your stroller house.

15. A sheet with your details taped to your seat for any emergencies.

16. The beach to your house, you only need a camping tent.

17. Do you want to make a barbecue? Protect the baby with a barrier!

18. A good way to learn multiplication tables.

19. Bathroom as clean as possible. You can also use other things and not necessarily diapers.

20. “If you have a shower and a bathtub, you can put the child in the bathtub (without water) to play while you shower.”

Do you have other tricks you want to share? Let us know in the comments! Share this gallery with your friends who are already parents so they know these dad hacks too.!

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