18 Voracious Trees That Ate Everything In Their Path

Have you ever wondered what trees eat? You might think of minerals, water, oxygen, and sunlight, in short, that they eat through photosynthesis. But we could say that it is not entirely true either. Trees tend to have a bad habit of literally absorbing all nearby objects. They may not be “eaten” but imagine being trapped in the thick of their trunk, the very idea sounds terrifying.

1. This ancient tree eating the metal support.

02. How the hell did that belt get caught?

03. Not only did he eat the sign, but you can also see in his face that he enjoys it.

4-. He ended up supporting his friend in a difficult situation.

05. The tree perfectly filled his small space in the city.

06. Nooooooo, not the puppy.

07. This cheeky tree taking up all the pews.

08. This old toy caught by the tree.

09. Abra taken that shape by the wheel?

10. A slow death for that car from the tree.

11. It doesn’t matter if it’s wire, let’s start the absorption process.

12. The material doesn’t matter, they eat everything.

13. The difference between the photos of 10 months

14. Look at the shape of the roots, they look like the devil’s lasso from Harry Potter

15. She looks like she is holding the sink to eat it.

16. Soon only the memories of the wax will remain.

17. It perfectly goes through a horror scene.

18. Someone took advantage of the appetite of the trees to create the perfect bench.

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