On The Edge Of Perfection, 16 Completely Satisfying Images

Everyone is attracted to perfection, but most of the time it is difficult to achieve. Some may see it in chaos, but most people associate it with order; when they see objects arranged according to a certain logic, they are able to calm all their tormented thoughts.

Order truly arouses extreme satisfaction , so much so that one can have the impression of observing perfection. So here are 16 that could be extremely satisfying and relaxing for this very reason.

1. Tetris

Those who loaded the truck with these logs were probably Tetris fans: they created an almost perfect puzzle.

2. A perfect omelet

A very difficult preparation in the kitchen is the omelette. Every time we do it, we can run to disaster. The most difficult thing is to turn it over, because you risk breaking it. When, however, one manages to make an almost perfect circle, the satisfaction is extreme.

3. A perfect foam

When we make a foam like this, we can only be satisfied, we notice the perfect superposition of the layers. But the best part is when you push in the spoon and savor this perfect preparation.

4. Yogurt lid

When you open a yogurt and manage to keep the surface of the contents intact, you can only rejoice. This is something that rarely happens.

5. The veil of snow

The snow that fell during the night has created a real veil over the car, it almost seems to have caressed it. Observing it brings calm.

6. Mountain Shadow

Looks like this mountain left a trail in the sky. It almost looks like the clouds have been perfectly erased with an eraser.

7. Put all the spices in order

The order is extremely satisfactory. When you see a showcase arranged in this way with the jars of spices ready to be taken, you can only rejoice.

8. Row of cars

In this car park, you can probably only enter with one type of car.

9. Rainbow Cake

The most satisfying aspect of this image lies not only in the extremely precise cutting of the slices, but especially in its perfect superposition. There is also a nice balance of colors.

10. Pickled pickles

These pickles are all perfectly stacked; not one fell vertically, all horizontally on top of each other. Not a single one out of place.

11. The Perfect Dish

The person who created this dish is not a chef, but a true artist with an eye for perfection. Each piece has a clearly defined border and never goes out of bounds.

12. Eat Japanese

The extreme precision of the Japanese is renowned, but here it borders on perfection; Watching this dish is a real treat for the eyes. You could say it’s almost relaxing.

13. Embrace of the Statues

The frost from the snow makes the statue even more beautiful, it sits perfectly on the folds of the depicted figures.

14. Perfect layering

Anyone who can make such a dish can only be delighted.

15. Tea and cookies

A perfect fit, the biscuit is the size of the cup. Now just crush the biscuit and scoop it up with the spoon.

16. Lawyer

It rarely happens that you can cut a fruit perfectly in half, in this case it happened.

Have you ever looked at a composition and thought it was perfect?

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