Older Dog Waited 8 Years At The Shelter Before Finally Being Adopted

The shelters with the places that can keep the puppies that live on the street safe, those that have been abandoned by their owners and left by them due to whatever reasons they have. At the same time, it gives them hope of finding a new home, although the wait requires a lot of patience. Puppies and those that do not suffer from any disease are the ones that usually do not take long to be adopted. But the sick and the old have a much harder time. One of them has been Chase, a puppy who spent 8 years in a shelter until he was adopted from him.

Samantha Torres is the leader of Furry Friends Adoption, Clinic and Ranch, a shelter in Palm City, Florida, in the United States, where Chase has lived since his rescue. They found him alone and loose in a town in 2014, and due to her ‘unfriendly’ attitude, they suspected he had been used for fighting . With some food they managed to catch him and see the playful side of him. She had more than enough reasons to take him in at the shelter and give him his second chance to be happy in life. However, the years passed and nobody wanted Chase because he barked every time they visited him. When Tracie Lundy, 52, joined the team in 2019, she was honored to meet him, though she wasn’t unaware of his personality .

” He wasn’t particularly friendly and acted distant. So potential adopters passed it over. I could see that he had a ‘strange danger,’ ” the woman said. But since there is nothing that food does not fix, she earned her affection by giving him sweets and accompanying him on the walks that she took with her caretaker through the 12-hectare patio . Over time he trusted her and they began dating alone . However, Tracie left her position to pursue another job, but she assured that she would come back for him . Once I got to know him and got over his tough exterior and tough guy act, I saw that he was soft and sensitive on the inside. He eventually gave me my kisses ,” Tracie said.Tracie was living with another dog at the time and didn’t have the space to adopt Chase .

But when his pet passed away, he did not hesitate to keep his promise and return for the 9-year-old puppy. She called the caretakers and in less than two hours, Chase was already at his house . ” He’s so happy ,” he commented. « After so many years of living in a kennel, I thought adoption would be a big change. But he’s fine and he sleeps through the night, he doesn’t howl. He is a couch potato », He added. Chase finally found the opportunity to live in a family environment, where he can play, celebrate birthdays and receive love from his new owner .

Share this adoption story with your friends and family. So that more people take the example of giving these dogs a chance that for some reason nobody wants them. And they are the ones who need the love of people the most.

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