Old Dog Made Friends With A Stray Kitten That Was Hanging Around Her House

In the world of animals you can find different friendships, some more surprising than others. Usually there are prejudices or pre-established ideas about the behavior of some species with others, but it is not always in the same way. For example, when talking about dogs and grates, what is being said is that they are enemies by nature. Which culturally has been fed like this for years. And although it is not a lie. Because these two species usually don’t get along very well, there are also important exceptions.

A case that demonstrates this is that of this old dog, named Bailey, 17 years old . She became best friends with a stray cat that came to her house From her. Far from scaring her away with her barking and wanting to throw her away, she did the opposite by receiving her with a lot of love . As can be seen in a post on the Twitter social network by the user @petezperiment, the two animals sit together in the patio of the house. As reported, this occurred when Bailey moved into her new house a few months ago . When the dog and her owner, Arthur, were checking out the new home, they realized that a kitten lived nearby and was frequently in the house .

In this way, they helped her to become part of the family . The dog did not resist, on the contrary, she loved the presence of the kitten in the home . Because now she would have a friend to play with. ” Bailey used to go to the backyard to check on Ella,” said Arthur, who later discovered that his dog had made a new friend. Bailey has never been friends with wild animals before. That shows the loving heart that she has ,” the man added. Now the kitten has found a home and goes everywhere with her new dog friend From her.

Share with your friends and family this beautiful story of friendship. So they can see that dogs and cats can get along. And that pets also need to feel accompanied.

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