17 Old And Ancient Things That Are Still Valid.

You know you did things right when they last a long time, although the material can be resistant, the use and maintenance of the product is key so that it can continue to be used many years later.

You probably have a family heirloom in your house that has been passed down from generation to generation, maybe you know what it is for or maybe you have it as a vintage decoration piece. In some markets or second-hand stores, you can find really valuable and functional objects that take on a new value.

The following artifacts are old and vintage, some are in good shape and some are not, however they are still quite current and can be used almost as if they were brand new.

01 Beer opener from a brewery that closed in 1959

02 The gas stove, made in 1949, still works without problems

03 This computer mouse has worked for 20 years

04 “My grandmother’s sewing machine, it’s from the 1950s, they still use it”

05 A somewhat expensive chair but with good materials

06 “This watch was given to me by my grandfather. It is already 122 years old and a specialist valued it at about $25,000.

07 “This butcher cutting table was made in the 1890s. It is well preserved”

08 “I have had this sheet since the 1980s. It continues to hold its color after many washes”

09 «Dickies brand work socks. They were bought in 2010, but I still use them at least once a week”

10 “This alarm clock has served me for 33 years”

11 Oil can from the 1930s before and after restoration. Can safely last another 70 years

12 “This retro fan was made in the 1970s, but it still works great”

13 “Our coffee maker is from the 70s and makes delicious coffee”

14 “A cooler that is still working after 20 years”

15 “This mechanical pencil from the Czech manufacturer Koh-i-Noor is already 40 years old and is still in excellent condition”

16 A walk down nostalgia lane

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