Note to the World: This Virus Could Save the Planet

It can be our disregard for Mother nature shakeup in the wake of devastating climate change and continual business as usual with unsustainable economic growth at the expense of finite planetary resources.

That shake up has come to us as COVID-19.

According to Pre-corona virus Scientists, our civilization is headed towards irreversible collapse.  We saw that the lungs of the Earth on fire and burning for months in Australia and in the Amazon in the last six months. We must act immediately without ignoring the cries of nature.

We all have ignored the warnings, the science, and continued business as usual.

Our behaviors became viral.

We live on Earth, our host. We multiply indefinitely, carpeting the planet with grey soul-less cities. We cut down all forests and let oceans to contain more plastic than fish by 2050.

We currently exist at the expense of the nature.

“Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet.”


Now everything has changed. The Planet’s lungs were aflame before and now it’s our own lungs at risk and inflamed with COVID-19 directly attacking our respiratory system. This seems to be the reflection.

We humans are the virus paradoxically right now. Corona is helping us.

Our infectious behavior and pollution grinding has been brought to its knees, by our global system. The smog is clearing, the water is clearer. Wild animals have come into locked-down cities worldwide. According to NASA images, China has record breaking pollution cuts.

The Planet is sending us home and stay thinking about what we’ve been doing.

Our flimsy veil of comfort has fallen, revealing just how fragile we are when we rely on a system in watching panic and fear set in. An economic system that is not sustainable, but instead fuelled by the necessity to endlessly consume the animals, the trees, the oil, our own home.

‘Sustainably sourced’ is just a keyword slapped on a product you might pay more if you can in today’s World.

We have internally and externally severed our connection to nature and we live in fear. Even though the nature alone provides the abundance, we have monopolized it.

This is the hard truth; we have been acting like a virus.

We have been given the space and time to make change with this pandemic.

We all have the potential for harmony, for balance, for rekindling a connection with nature. We need to unplug from this archaic game and tune back into what is real, the heart, the intuition or the love.

Only you know how to live and what to do. Everyone’s path is theirs to craft. You need to try to craft it.

This is sacred time to reflect.

Take responsibility, your sovereignty and your power during these hours of reflection and make a plan. The plan is a blueprint for a species condemned to suffer in a mode of self-aggrandizing, self destruction.

Now it’s time to change and to encourage each other to tune out of this monopolistic game and make our own paths together.

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