Neighbors Celebrated The Birthday Of A Young Man Who Lives On The Street With Beers And Cake

The reality of the people around us is not the same as the one we may be experiencing, unfortunately not all of us have the same fate of being born and growing up in a wealthy family or even one that can give us a decent life and a secure roof where we can sleep. and watch our life go by between laughter and games.

The childhood of many people is notably affected by those dysfunctional homes, absent mothers and fathers who believe that bringing a life into this world is an act that does not merit any kind of responsibility.

These are some of the reasons why we see more and more people on the streets, young people full of life, dreams and energy living in the streets, squares or bridges of our locality, without a roof over their heads or even a coat to protect them. shelter from the cold of the night. This situation is really complex and complicated because it is not only the fact of not having a roof to sleep but also how difficult it becomes to get food on a daily basis.

However, life and the universe places good-hearted people on our path and it is those friendly hands that offer us help and allow us to recharge our soul and heart with good energy, especially because it shows us that we are not alone. Such is the case of this young man, only 19 years old, who lives in a square near a residential complex in a neighborhood in the north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil . Where with the help and collaboration of several neighbors they celebrated the boy’s birthday so that he had a good day.

It is about a group of friends who organized themselves to celebrate a surprise birthday party for Eduardo.

“ Among all of us we organized ourselves and bought a cake, sandwiches and beers to celebrate his birthday as God intended”.

The whole moment was recorded by Samy Ferreira , who is also an event organizer and at the time of publishing the images received many congratulations from millions of people who sympathized with the boy and his situation.

«Eduardo is a very helpful young man, we always talk when I come home from work and I see him helping all the neighbors with their purchases or heavy objects. It is those actions that have allowed him to have won the hearts of all the neighbors and every day they give him a plate of food or simply keep him company. A month ago he came to tell me that his birthday was March 1st and that’s when it occurred to me to throw him a surprise party».

Eduardo obviously never expected everyone to have such a nice and disinterested gesture towards him.

“He was really happy, he couldn’t believe that for the first time he was celebrating one of his birthdays. Eduardo deserves to be able to advance and grow as a person and human being, we should all be able to help him.

Just with the celebration of his birthday, the group of friends decided to carry out a campaign to ask for financial help in order to help this young man, so far it has been known that they have already raised the sum of 1,900 dollars and they hope with great faith that more people join this cause and thus be able to provide a better future for Eduardo .

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