Mysterious Things: 16 Images That Seem To Make No Logic And Are Hard To Explain

Is it all part of a logic that we sometimes can’t fully understand or do some things actually have no plausible explanation? A question that we have certainly all asked ourselves one day when faced with a particular object, situation or scene. In some circumstances we should probably realize that things are just as we see them and no matter how we analyze them, they remain a real mystery, meaningless or strange in nature! In order to understand what we are talking about, we offer you 16 curious images that will raise questions that, for the most part, will remain unanswered.

1.Double roll

image: Bagpipes_Rule/Reddit

“This roll of toilet paper contains two cardboard tubes.” It almost looks like a face with a weird expression…

2.The special room

image: bsiaste/Reddit

“When my curtain is opened just wide enough, my room becomes a giant pinhole camera.”

3.The confused pepper

image: Reddit

“This pepper looks like a pumpkin.”

4.L’indestructible Nokia

image: OctopussSevenTwo/Imgur

“I bet it still works…”

5.Hamburger vintage

image: Reddit

“McDonald’s burger preserved in resin since the late 1970s.”

6.The observing frame

image: Missile_Lawnchair/Reddit

“The frame for this painting in my parents’ house has an eye in the corner.”

7.Egg Stone

image: JB_v1/Reddit

“I found a small stone that looks like an egg.”

8.The Woman in the Hourglass

image: MarcM95/Reddit

“The reflection of my lamp looks like a woman wearing a dress with her arm crossed over her body.”

9.The two-tone apple

image: drdawg399/Reddit

“This is the apple my mother ate.”

10.Dog-Shaped Spot

image: saras_416/Reddit

“Outside the nursery there is a spot on the sidewalk that looks like a dog.”

11.Soap Mushrooms

image: Reddit

“I added another type of soap to this nearly empty bottle and the original soap rose forming these little mushrooms.”

12.Edgar Allan Poe

image: asleep-under-eiffel/Reddit

“The poster snippets on that staff front door look like Edgar Allen Poe.”

13.The Windowless House

image: rosegamm/Reddit

“That house in my neighborhood that has no windows.”

14.The Lucky Charm

image: Reddit

“Today I found a halfpenny.”

15.The Rainbow in the House

image: Subie Yoshi/Reddit

“My aquarium caught the sun the right way and made a rainbow on the couch!”

16.Happy Coffee

image: Reddit

“Coffee happy to see me. Is that a wink?”

Did you like these pictures? Which do you find the most curious?

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