Mysterious Blue-eyed Tribe Discovered In Indonesia, Captured For The First Time

The photographer Korchnoi Pasaribu has received the applause of everyone on the internet and social networks because he managed to present a series of captivating images of a hitherto unknown tribe.

Korchnoi Pasaribu

Korchnoi has gained popularity on his Instagram account . There he dedicates himself to sharing images of people from all over the world. At the moment he has more than 70,000 followers , on his account he continues to upload images of this amazing tribe, as well as animals that he finds on his excursions.

Korchnoi Pasaribu

This camera professional recorded images on September 17, 2020. During his trip, Korchnoi decided to go to Butón Island, where he found this civilization that had the characteristic of having incredible eye color. What he didn’t know is the reason behind this amazing feature.

“Blue eyes are unique and beautiful, as well as being my inspiration,” the photographer wrote on his networks.

Korchnoi Pasaribu

This tribe has a genetic condition known as ” Waardenburg Syndrome ” . This syndrome is a rare genodermatosis (set of diseases of genetic origin that produce manifestations in the skin and often also in other organs) that causes structural and pigmentary disorders; structural disorders being found mainly in the neural crest. In the case of this tribe it makes them have blue eyes.

Korchnoi Pasaribu

As the images collected show, this condition can affect one or both eyes of these people. The photographer lived for several days with the tribe on Butónn Island and decided to share this unique beauty with everyone.

Did you know this tribe or this disease? Without a doubt, our world is one where surprises await us at every corner. Share this note with all your friends so they know the great work of Korchnoi Pasaribu and how he was able to give us these beautiful images.

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