My Daughter Completely Forgot About My 90th Birthday

Greetings, my name is Patty. I am proud to say that I have enjoyed a fulfilling and joyful life after living for 90 remarkable years. Following the passing of my husband some time ago, my daughter Angie and I have been cherishing our time spent together.

As my ninetieth birthday was approaching, I was filled with joy. My daughter had given me her word that she would come to see me and spend the day with my grandchildren.

Reflecting on my grandchildren never fails to bring me joy. It evokes memories of the time when my spouse and I were raising Angie. The similarities between my grandchildren and her always remind me of those precious times.

Angie’s ex-husband, John, bears a striking resemblance to their father. The end of their relationship left me heartbroken, as John was like a son to me with his kind and warm-hearted nature. Despite their separation, John continues to send me a Christmas card annually. Although I had wished for John and Angie to reconcile, sometimes life has different plans.

Upon the arrival of my birthday, I was filled with joy. However, as the day progressed, my excitement turned into worry. It was nearing lunchtime, and Angie had not replied to me. Despite my multiple attempts to call her, she did not answer.

Upon attempting to reach Angie once more, her call was immediately directed to voicemail. Assuming she was driving, I anticipated that she wouldn’t be able to answer. However, as the hours passed, it became clear that, similar to numerous other occasions, I would be celebrating this birthday in solitude.

I was on the verge of giving up when the doorbell rang. If my knees had been stronger, I would have leaped up in excitement. I was truly delighted with the birthday gift from Angie and the kids, as it had been a while.

Upon catching sight of a masculine silhouette through the entrance glass, my heart sank. As I opened the door, I was greeted by a cheerful John holding gifts and flowers.

“Happy Birthday, Mom!” He gave a kind welcome.

“John? Oh, you didn’t have to,” I said, Surprised and delighted simultaneously.

“A little gift to celebrate your awesome day.” John stated as he passed the presents.

Is that the chocolate I’ve always wanted? You remembered, didn’t you? I couldn’t help but blush with happiness when I said that.

How could I overlook that? It’s all you ever eat,” John laughed in response.

You have such a captivating charm. Would you like to join me for dinner? Inviting him inside, I did.

John responded humbly, “I simply wanted to deliver your gifts and admire your beauty.”

It’s ridiculous! I would love to join the company, and I have no prior commitments. I emphasized, “Besides, I’m baking an apple pie.”

John laughed when he walked in and said, “You should have started with pineapple pie!”

John, just like my late spouse, is a really good cook. He did most of the cooking when we were together during the day. I was just glad to have someone to keep me company. It was during dinner that John finally asked about Angie.

Is Angie coming with the kids? I hope she doesn’t feel like I’m surprising her or anything. Even though I didn’t intend to stay, I’m glad I did, John said.

I can’t believe it! We’re family because you’re the father of my grandchildren. And I’m afraid Angie won’t be able to come with us today,” I sadly said.

Oh, that’s too bad. John said, “You shouldn’t be alone on your birthday.

“I’m so glad you’re here with me, son,” I whispered, squeezing his hand. “Thank you, John.”

Sure! Can you please let me know why she didn’t come? Or the kids, at least? They really like spending time with you, John added.

They were supposed to come, but Angie isn’t answering my calls. I really don’t know what happened, but I’m sure she’ll get in touch with me soon,” I said.

John really wants to know what’s happening with her, but he thinks she should at least bring the kids. He’s going to give her a call.

I was so surprised when Angie picked up the phone when John called her. Later, John told me why my daughter had a birthday party.

The kids, Angie, and her new boyfriend are all on vacation. She didn’t tell anyone! John seemed really upset when he told me.

“She went on a trip without telling anyone? Why did she do that? I asked.”

Patty, I have no idea either. How did she manage to take my kids without even telling us? John said, looking really puzzled.

Oh man, this is so sad. And who is that guy? I was even more confused when I said, “I didn’t know Angie had a boyfriend.”

She mentioned it casually, but a whole vacation? It looks like they’ve been planning it for about a month. Sorry, Patty, but I think your daughter really went overboard this time, John said in an annoyed voice.

I unhappily answered, “Yes, this is disappointing.”

I couldn’t believe it when I found out. Angie should have told me she wouldn’t be around. I talked to Angie afterwards. The mistake was already made, but she promised to visit the kids soon. It made me really upset, but I will always love my daughter.

John being there helped a little, but what Angie did really hurt. I’m not sure if I can trust her now. What should I do?

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