Mother Teaches Her 10-year-old Son To Cook So He Never Demands It From His Wife

She wants to raise a self-sufficient man without macho prejudices.

In many cultures and for thousands of years, it is believed that cooking is exclusively for women while men must go out to get food. Fortunately, this belief has been changing little by little. For the new generations, cooking is not considered an activity of the female gender; on the contrary, anyone can and should know how to prepare her own food.

However, there is still a long way to go before this becomes an absolute reality. When it comes to marriage, society continues to expect women to be in charge of cooking, cleaning, and children. That is why many times, the man does not learn to perform the most basic activities to keep a home in order and therefore, they hope to marry someone who always performs them.

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Fortunately, there are many mothers who are trying to break this “custom” and are raising their sons without gender bias. One of many is Renée Rogrigues ; a Brazilian woman who seeks to free her son from stereotypical roles and macho ideas.

According to the media O segredo Renée is a nutritionist and chef who lives in São Paulo with Enzo , her 10-year-old son. The woman introduced the boy to the world of gastronomy since he was very young and now he is an expert.

“He grew up, watching me cook and tasting my preparations,” Renée commented.

instagram @rodrigues_renee

This mother worked in a restaurant so it was easy to bring her son closer to this universe. She pointed out that as soon as Enzo started walking, he dropped him in the kitchen and the rest is history. From the age of two she could take fruit from the fruit bowl to her liking, and guavas and plums from the backyard; as well as serving his own water. ” At the age of 3 he already made his own milk, broke the eggs to prepare them, separated the ingredients and learned to count the measurements ,” she assured.

This is how Enzo, at a very early age, began to develop his culinary skills. Little by little, his mother taught him to handle food and prepare dishes appropriate to his age. His favorite dish to prepare is the tortilla with plantains. Now, at 10 years old, the boy invents his own recipes and likes to explore the mixtures of flavors and textures.

instagram @rodrigues_renee

Enzo is very proud of his growth and his culinary ability. He can prepare his favorite foods himself without having to ask his mother, who, of course, assists him all the time.

“You can’t live on canned food. Learning to cook is important because everyone should be at least a little independent,” Enzo stressed.

instagram @rodrigues_renee

For her part, Renée believes that it is very important that children are allowed to explore in the kitchen from an early age with due care. In this way they become familiar with things and gradually learn to be self-sufficient. Thus, in the future, they will not need anyone to eat well. In addition, she also recommends that parents give their little ones a balanced and healthy diet.

“Present this food in a variety of ways. One day raw, one day undercooked, one day cut into sticks, another day sliced, but the child can access it and taste whenever he wants, “he advised.

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