Mother Is Alarmed To Discover That Her Daughter Talks To A 94-year-old Man Before Entering Class

Audrey Arnold , is a 15-year-old girl with a normal life like any other girl her age, she has friends, parents who love her and she attends school, however, there is something unusual that the young woman does and that is that on her way to the school stops to chat with a 94-year-old man.

When her mother found out what was happening with her daughter, she was very scared and worried about what this situation could mean for her, she began to investigate.

This strange situation began when the young woman was very upset because her mother did not leave her on the street to talk to the old man. Gina , Audrey’s mother, puzzled by her daughter’s attitude, asked her why she wanted her to leave her in the middle of the street, who the man was and who talked to him so much, Audrey explained that the old man was known by young people as Mr. Knuckles , who was sometimes outside the school encouraging all the students before going to class.

The man, whose real name was Wally Richardon , had been standing outside Marina Village College in El Dorado Hills, California for decades with the sole intention of greeting students, advising and encouraging them before starting a new day at school.

The man is a war veteran who served his country in World War II as a United States Marine.

He was also a fighter pilot in the Korean Gverra, as well as working for United Airlines until retirement. Despite being an older man, he does not stop serving his nation, now with a minor but equally noble gesture, supporting and giving advice to young people.

For him it is a small way to strengthen the values ​​of society, placing himself outside the doors of this school, thanks to his attitude he has become a character highly admired by all the young people to whom he offers advice and knowledge about his country. .

This older man teaches young people things that are not learned in any book and teaches them that wisdom is the best tool they will have when they are adults. In addition, he teaches them to be kind, respectful and tolerant people, people who help and contribute something to this society.

After investigating, Gina wanted to meet the mysterious old man, so when she arrived at the school she found him in the middle of a crowd of young people who were very pleased to talk to him. Given this situation, Gina decided to record the moment in a video and post it on her social networks with a special message for the old man.

“This is the kind of support and love that young people need. This man stops at the entrance of the school every day and gives encouragement and advice to all the students who approach him.”

Like the students, the teachers are very grateful for the work that this man does, so they decided to honor him by creating a mural on the wall of the school where they wrote the best phrases that this man has said to them: “Knowing what is right does not It means a lot unless you do what’s right.”

The high school principal, Cheryl Olson , commented that all young people need the influence of an adult in their lives as advice can impact them forever and Wally is an adult that young people need.

The older man is a great example, despite his age and conditions, he is a great person who brings many positive things to society.

His work has transcended since he is helping to train new generations, sometimes his wife accompanied him, but she stopped doing so because unfortunately she had problems walking. But despite this he has refused to stop fulfilling his mission.

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