A Model With A Bionic Leg Decides To Fight Stereotypes By Showing Off Her Body.

Television and social networks have only spread certain stereotypes of beauty within contemporary society. The initial purpose of these tools should have been to give voice and allow everyone to manifest themselves, but instead they only established certain canons of beauty. However, there are individuals who attempt to change this orientation.

The model in this story has decided to challenge the ideals of beauty that society has created, showing off, without fear of judgment from others, her bionic leg. 

Often people do not accept their appearance, trying to hide these imperfections which are nothing more than small details or trifles. On the other hand, Marsha Elle, known on social media as MarshaElleMusic, decided to use her “imperfection”, or rather what makes her different from everyone else, as her strong point and show it off on the catwalk and on his accounts his bionic leg .

It’s a story of courage. Ever since she was little, she felt different and was afraid to show her leg in public, precisely because she was too often made fun of for the way she walked.

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“Children were constantly making fun of me. I remember hiding in the hallways daily and always coming to class late to avoid the stares and laughter of my classmates during elementary school. I spent the summers to wear long jackets to avoid showing my leg. Now I’m proud of myself, but especially of my appearance.”

The turning point came at the age of 16, when she decided to enter a contest. She asked her mother for money to enroll and it was the first time she felt beautiful. “I felt alive.”

This girl went, thanks to her courage, from hiding to showing off her bionic leg in all its beauty. Her popularity skyrocketed when a video of her Miami Swim Week fashion show reached over 61 million views. She wishes to fight stereotypes and affirms that perfection does not exist: ” No comparison is necessary. You are unique and that is your superpower “.

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source used : https://www.instagram.com/marshaellemusic / Bowiecreators

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