Miss Ghana gave up her luxurious lifestyle and works hard in Africa for a better life.

There are many people who find it very difficult to get out of their comfort zone, feeling comfortable and safe with what little or much they have. That is why thinking about having to start from scratch is really complicated for them.

The story of this former beauty queen will surprise you. Hamamat had a happy marriage, she lived comfortably with her husband and her two children but unfortunately her love story ended when her husband decided to leave home and start a new family.

“These were very hard days for me, I felt lost, the money I had quickly ran out. Seeing my children was what prompted me to go back to Africa and try to find support in my family.”

Leaving the city behind was a necessary change and when I got home with my whole family I knew that this would be the beginning of a better future.

My children were happy to be surrounded by so much family, they cooked together, we slept under the moonlight and recharged our bodies with positive energy.”

However, as we all know, the rise of social networks has made a great difference for all of humanity, it has had a positive impact but also a very negative one.

When Hamamat decided to share her new lifestyle on her social networks, many people began to mock her and denigrate her for having returned to her roots and having an ordinary life.

“I was never affected by the negative comments that were published on me, nobody really knew the internal battles I was going through, my only goal at that time was to get ahead and be able to give my children a good quality of life.”

When Hamamat shared several videos of his family making their own shea butter, it sparked the interest of millions of people worldwide.

This was the push it needed, Hamamat created its own brand of shea butter called ‘Hamamat African Beauty’ and is now receiving international orders.

“Now I have many people working for me, my efforts and desire to get ahead paid off and now I just enjoy the whole process that led me to this because it really changed my life forever.”

But the ambition of this former queen did not stop there, since in addition to modeling, producing and selling her product, Hamamat opened a shea butter museum, where she offers everyone an incredible service and in addition to that they can enjoy a delicious spa day and get all the benefits that shea butter brings.

“All this was thanks to the love for my children, they were my engine to keep going.”

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