Mischievous But Adorable: 15 Photos Showing The Amusing Naivety Of Children.

Children are undoubtedly a gift that life gives to parents and, although sometimes difficult, they can be adorable. There is certainly no risk of getting bored with them! The little ones often find themselves in bizarre situations and the result can only be funny, so much so that moms and dads immortalize the moment with hilarious photos. In their innocence and their unconsciousness, the little ones become the center of fun shots to share with their friends and family, but also with Internet users. On Reddit, we discovered several images that sum up the naivety of children and are sure to put a smile on your face: let’s take a look at 15 of the funniest.

1. A basin bathtub

Yes, it’s a bathtub and not a toilet bowl…

2.“I’m not here”

“She hates family photos…”

3. Boring day

“My son’s diary page today: ‘Dear Diary, nothing happened today.'”

4. Scribbles on fur

“The dog was a willing participant.”

5. We don’t like photos

“Autumn photos with the grandmother: good luck”

6. Washing the laptop

“My two-year-old bathed dad’s laptop with soap and water because it was ‘too dirty’.”

7. Company

“Surrounded by emotional support.”

8. A bit of mud

“Somebody teach them how to play Predator.” They have learned well, one might say!

9. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea

“The face that tells you trying to hit rock bottom was a mistake.”

10. Vacuum cleaner with seasoning

“I went to get the steam mop from the cupboard and was greeted by this. Guess that explains the mysterious smell in our storage room.”

11. Successful first day

“Proud of my son who passed his first day of kindergarten – Introduction to Scarface.”

12. Big Brother

“Does anyone have a good title or caption for my dog ​​teaching my little girl to sit like him?”

13. The hiding place

“My little cousin behind the hiding place he found while playing hide and seek…”

14. I want a donut

“That’s what a baby does when he wakes up crying because he wants donuts.”

15. Happy Birthday!

“My son was supposed to pose for his first birthday. He wasn’t happy about it.”

Which of these children do you find the funniest?

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