Meet The Rare Mini Dachshund, Moo Looks Like A Cow Or Dalmation

Moo is the star of the show wherever he goes as he has unique coloring called piebald.

Moo who is only seven-months-old is officially an internet sensation. But he’s been making a big splash over on Instagram.

Moo has piebald fur. One that has a pattern of unpigmented spots (white) on a pigmented background of hair, feathers or scales is a piebald or pied animal. Thus a piebald black and white dog is a black dog with white spots. The skin under the white background is not pigmented.

His name is matching as he looks like a miniature cow. Moo is enjoying the high life in Miami. He’s known as quite the flirt.

The owner of this pet is Victoria Hoffman, 24, from Miami, Florida, USA. She told that the Sun that the combination of Moo’s different markings on his head and body make him unique.

She said: “He is a unique piebald because he has heavy ticking, black spots on his white coat, and he also has a pure black and tan head.”

“So, it looks like his body doesn’t match his head. Lots of people think he is wearing a coat or pyjamas at first, and they’re surprised to find that it’s actually just his natural coat.”

“Moo gets lots of reactions everywhere he goes, whether it’s on social media or in everyday life. People love his coat and funny personality.”

You can follow this pup on Instagram @moo_in_miami .

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