Marine Whose Mother Thought He was Dead Returns Home…

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This video is getting a lot of attention online for many reasons: is it real? How come his mom hasn’t seen him in seven years? Why didn’t he reach out to her if he was alive? When I watch it, I feel happy for the mom and son. I’ll let others decide if it’s real or not.

The Viral Clip

A short video popped up on Instagram and TikTok not long ago, shared by @mineyprinceyzhakkyloven. They haven’t confirmed if it’s real, making people wonder. In the video, a U.S. Marine in dress blues appears at a front door with text overlay explaining that his mom thought he was dead and hasn’t seen him in 7 years.

Probable Explanations

All the ideas might have good answers. The video doesn’t mention she thought he passed away seven years ago, only that he hasn’t seen her in seven years. Maybe she got the news just before the video that he had died, but he had been missing for a long time before that.

Embracing the Positivity

I wanted to share this video because I hope it’s real and because of the caption, “Have you ever been this happy?” It makes me think, why does it take thinking your child was dead to be that happy? Why not celebrate them every day, knowing that one day one of you won’t be around anymore?

Aim on What is Crucial

Instead of arguing about whether the video is real or not, I appreciate it for the message it sends and the reminder of what really matters. Check out the video and leave a comment on Facebook to tell us what you think!

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