15 People Who, Thanks To Their Ingenuity, Managed To Find The Best Solution.

When something breaks, the first thing that comes to mind is to call in a professional to repair the damage. But in some cases, there are people who are so resourceful that they decide to repair the damaged product themselves, with the means and spare parts at their disposal.

Of course, on such occasions, the object will not return to its original state, but in the meantime, it can be used. Usually all it takes is a bit of creativity to get it usable again.

Here are 15 people who, thanks to their ingenuity, managed to find the best solution.

1. The wire was not long enough, he had to create an extension cord

“A way to make the charger longer”. He managed to avoid buying an extension cord.

2. His coffee table legs broke.

He had to find a solution quickly, he replaced the legs of the coffee table with chairs.

3. Rolling slippers

Only a real engineer could have turned these slippers into skates.

4. He fixed the chair, even though he can no longer move it with wheels

“One of the wheels on my chair came off and I couldn’t reattach it, so I had to improvise and use a can.”

5. “Whoever achieved something like this lives in the future”

Getting around is now much more comfortable. He mounted a gaming chair on his bike.

6. “Coffee table on wheels”

This makes it easier to move the table. He replaced the legs with wheels.

7. A grip may not be so safe as it seems

He didn’t have a power strip and decided to plug three outlets together.

8. “The more I look at this picture, the less I feel”

A system D that works.

9. “This plastic lamp made from the bottom of some bottles”

A new lamp made from the bottom of plastic bottles. It looks like it is made of crystal, it reflects light in a special way.

10. “I found this table for sale on Facebook”

Too literal interpretation of the expression “table legs”.

11. “I made a working stereo out of a concrete block”

A real sound engineer! He broke down and fabricated such a system from a concrete block. So he can carry it all the time.

12. It took an idea for the plant to grow straight: a lamp

“What my girlfriend found for plant support”

13. If you put a drink inside, the taste must surely change

“These glasses don’t seem very practical to me.” Maybe not the best idea.

14. A way to make a candle

Use the bottom of a tin can to make a candle. It is also an alternative to create less waste.

15. Total change in the look of the sofa

He transformed the damaged sofa with his old jeans.

Have you ever made an alternative structure from what you had?

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