Man Saves Money At The Airport After Bringing His Own Food

Making the decision to travel the world, either for work reasons or simply for the pleasure of being able to enjoy life and appreciate the majestic places that the world gives us, represents a great blow to our pocket, because it is not only paying the cost of plane tickets, but also lodging, trips to tourist places and especially food, especially the latter, since it plays a fundamental role in our day to day, because it is a physiological need that needs to be covered .

Starting from this idea, it could be said that food can even be what you spend the most money on when traveling, this is because as we all know, food already made in restaurants or public places has a much higher cost. than if we made it ourselves at home, so for many people, making food at home is a good method of saving when traveling.

And this is shown to us by this man, who through social networks can be seen with his mother enjoying a delicious meal made at home right in the waiting chairs at the airport, this in order to save and lower expenses.

At the time the video was published on social networks, many people began to leave their negative comments for this man, but only some savers agreed with him and congratulated him on his cunning

“By God, what’s the point of traveling outside the country and limiting yourself to spending on good food”; “Without a doubt it looks very bad to get to witness this panorama”; “Hey, it’s a great idea to avoid eating the expensive food that they offer you at the airport, it’s twice as expensive as if you buy it elsewhere”; “I’m going to take this as an idea for my next trip to save me some money.” These were some of the comments found on social networks after the publication of the video.

The young man commented in the publication that some people passed by him and looked at them strangely.

“Some people were surprised, they looked at us in a contemptuous way, but we really don’t care about them at all, their comments slip us away.” He responded as a defense against the malicious comments.

However, there were some who mentioned the healthiness of the food that you can get at the airport.

“More than economy, it is security. Home cooking remains unmatched in hygiene. I always make sure my parents bring their own food during their time at the airport. Don’t apologize for that , ” one user commented.

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