Man Overcomes His Depression By Starting A Relationship With A Silicone Doll

After his partner left him, the man found comfort in his wrist.

A love break is usually something difficult to bear. It takes time to understand and get over the fact that it’s all over and the process is very painful, but you can always get ahead. However, there are people who find it more difficult to get out of that dark moment that separation leaves.

Rod is a 52-year -old Australian man who fell into a deep depression after his partner left him. This man could not handle the situation and for two years he remained locked up, trying to recover from the disappointment in love.

It turns out that his fiancée called off the wedding and despite all his efforts to stay well, Rod couldn’t grieve and went into isolation. So, the man was imprisoned in his own world where there was no love and of course, no sexual activity.

Thus, one day Rod wanted to take back the reins of his life and decided to buy a silicone doll to satisfy his needs. At first, his plan was to use her only for the purpose for which the doll was made; that is to say to have 5ex0 with her. However, the idea changed over time.

Rod realized that his doll, which he named Karen , could not only satisfy him in bed but also play a partner role. Then, the man began to treat Karen as if she were his girlfriend From him.

They went on dates, went out to social events, shared good times, and other traditional relationship stuff.

Rod even mentioned that he also took Karen to his family gatherings and luckily for him, she was well received. His relatives were respectful of him and his partner as well as excited to see Rod happy and back in the world. Regarding dating; the man narrated that no one around seemed to realize that his companion was not a real woman. However, whoever noticed it and approached it curiously received a brief explanation and no fuss occurred.

The life-size doll cost $2,000 and Rod says it was one of the best investments of his life. Little by little, this man came out of his depression by having a “person” to focus his attention on. In a way, Karen made him want to go out and do things again, getting him over his depression.

Karen was so effective that Rod is now in a relationship with a real woman, who is already aware of the situation with the doll. Rod ‘s new partner was also very understanding and he accepted Karen as part of the relationship. In fact, the three of them play on the bed; although Rod hopes that in the near future the doll will no longer be needed.

Although it may seem strange, this man did what many people do when they end their relationship. He tried to get over his ex with a new partner; something colloquially called pulling a nail with another nail . However, Rod didn’t do it with a thinking, feeling, flesh-and-blood person that he could have emotionally hurt, but rather used a doll. While neither is the right way to get over a breakup, at least Rod was able to snap out of the slump and find the joy of life again without involving and hurting anyone else.

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