Mama Coco Is Real: She Is 108 Years Old And Lives In Michoacán With Her Beautiful Family

All of us at some point in our daily lives have come to see or even hear about the beautiful film that moved millions of people from all over the world. Coco , a Pixar film that broke box office records and also made more than one cry.

Surprisingly, the photos of María Salud Ramírez, a tender 108-year-old grandmother who bears an incredible resemblance to the Pixar character, went viral.

This grandmother lived a completely normal life in the town of Santa Fe de la Laguna, in Michoacán, but all this changed just after the premiere of the film.

“Initially, only friends and family saw the great resemblance between the grandmother and the character, everything was something that we as a family enjoyed, but then everything started to get out of control.”

María was born on September 16, 1913, she has always dedicated herself to her home, her family and children were her only priority, she did not have a life full of luxuries and much less fame until October 2017.

“All this started when a tourist saw her right in front of our house and did not resist taking a photo with her, by posting it on his social networks it immediately went viral and this has been a great change for all of us.”

The young man compared her to the Pixar character and renamed her “Mama Coco from real life.”

This brought with it that all the tourists who toured the town made a mandatory stop at the home of this tender grandmother to take pictures with her, listen to her stories and some even give gifts to the family.

“This was a big change for everyone, but especially for our grandmother, who strangely seems to enjoy being able to talk to every person who comes to the house and listens to their anecdotes carefully, she enjoys this sudden fame and we are just happy to see her happy to her”.

The last birthday of “Mamá Coco de la vida real” and her relatives was in style, they celebrated it with live music, food and all their loved ones attended, since the tender grandmother was turning 108 years old.

In this regard, Pixar spoke and commented that despite the incredible seem between the two grandmothers, neither is related to the other.

“Mamá Coco is an imaginary character, this is not a story based on real life experiences or events. She was born solely in our imagination”

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