Little Dog Waited Until He Saw The Fresh Concrete To Go Lie Down On It

Dogs are very loved by many people all over the world. And how not to be, if they are very playful and beautiful. Although sometimes they do some mischief that can harm something. But everything can be forgiven because they are very innocent creatures who are only looking for love and something to have fun with. Any mistake made by them is always unintentional. In Mexico, one of these adorable puppies lay on fresh concrete at a construction site, annoying Francisco, the worker who did the job .

The funny moment was shared on the TikTok social network and users have been moved by the action that the dog did . The video shows the black puppy lying on top of the fresh cement, where you can also see the footprints that were marked while the man complained about the mischief he did. « Are you comfortable? Just tell me if you like the fucking cement, cousin , “said the worker to the puppy. The puppy looked very happy before the worker spoke to him, but then he became more serious at the man’s anger .

After that, the construction worker yelled at him to move off the fresh concrete, even though the little dog was already up . He barely heard that, he left. Many users commented to Francisco that he did not have to treat him like this because he did not know what he was. ” Don’t be mad at them, they don’t know what’s right or wrong ,” said one user on TikTok. While others took it with a bit of humor. ” He’s checking to see if the job was done ,” someone joked in the TikTok post.

In a video that Francisco uploaded later, he clarified that the dog was not who they believed and neither was he, as some thought . ” We were talking with the owner of the house and he says that this dog is not his ,” he explained on TikTok. Although many people criticized him that he should have treated him like that anyway. And it turns out that there was an unexpected twist in the story, since the worker considers buying the puppy, as long as the video where he declares it reaches a million views . « I am going to Turpin, Oklahoma to look for that dog and I am going to buy it. Let’s see if the owner wants to sell it to me , “said Francisco in another TikTok video.

Although in the original video it was seen that the puppy was wearing a collar, for this reason many criticized his decision, and more than one explained that they are not bought, but adopted.

Below you can see the video where the puppy is comfortably lying on top of the cool concrete:

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