Someone In Your Life Is An Angel In Disguise

Even though you don’t hear much about angels on Earth, they are everywhere. These angels are there to help the people of this world.

9 Signs That Someone In Your Life Is An Angel:

01 This person can tell when you are upset.

This person is can tell you are when you are upset even you are not showing it. They can quickly recognize when something inside you is not working well or something brothering you.

02 This person completely changed the way you feel within.

This person will make you feel more open and bring forward in your actions. They change the way you see things inside. They bring light to your life.  

03 This person makes you feel comfortable to talk about anything.

This person has the ability to make you feel comfortable. You are free to talk about any and everything when you are around this person. This is same whether you’ve known this person for a long time or just a short while there.

04 This person listens to you on a deeper level.

This person carefully listens to the things you say. They don’t question you when you talk. This person allows you to truly vent.

05 This person gives you energy when you are at your weakest.

They can brighten your spirits. Just seeing them will make you feel better when you are out of energy and at your lowest. This person gives you a boost that no one else can give.

06 Through being around this person even for a moment you have healed.

This person can heal any kind of your pain that you never thought you would be able to heal from. This person sparks something within you that allows you to move forward.

07 This person always gives the best advice but does not tell you what to do.

This person listens to you carefully in outside perspective. Even though they advice you they don’t pressure you as this person knows what decision you will make.

08 This person does not judge you.

This person doesn’t judge you as they know own choices are very important. They are well aware that the bigger picture is always something that should be considered.

09 This person feels like someone not of this world.

This person is a very special person and not like everyone else. The way they stand out cannot explain. Even though they are more ‘plain Jane’ than anyone else in the room, angels stand out among all the others.

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